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Palabok Express...I call this site Palabok Express because it is a dish made out of different varieties. A mixture of so many ingredients in a frantic attempt to produce one good meal. I hope you enjoy your visit, feel free to comment and subscribe for more updates.


Work Slave!

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Good Morning sa inyo!

Work Slave!… It’s a common joke for workers who are stressed and tired on their everyday routine. Most of us are actually not being treated as slaves by our bosses and the Companies we are working with, but in reality we are slaves of our own selves. Slaves of our own personal needs, desire, ambition or goal in life. The truth is we are the boss of our own.

It’s not a bad thing though but now that you’ve realized who’s the real “amo” is… It’s about time to be gentle to yourself. Give it a break sometime, you earn it… you deserve it. Okay now back to work SLAVE!

How to motivate yourself to Work?


Romeo E. Barcena

Romeo E. Barcena

Just like mole rats, they dig to eat and they eat to dig. Like an ant that keeps on gathering to save and keep on saving to make it possible for them to gather again. Our lives as workers are in some way similar.

It’s just an eternal routine that enables us to keep moving, to take our part and do our role on this one big community we are in.

I have gathered some pointers based on my personal experiences, some ways of motivating my self to keep on working. And I hope these would inspire you to become motivated too in fulfilling your career.

1st, Love your work or work on something that you love. That way, just like being with your loved ones, time really flies and you’ll actually never get tired of it. If you achieved this first step, you might not need to read the rest.

2nd If you somehow, for some reason don’t really love your work, think of something that you would love to have instead. Shoes? Shirts? Bags?… Toys?… Yes definitely these things that you love can be used to motivate you in going into your job.

How?… Me, I love collecting action figures and they don’t come in cheap. Most of these stuff ranges from P800 to P3000. but I make it to a point that I’ll have to treat myself every payday, Why?… because I earned it, I deserved it, I worked for it. These toys may look nonsense to some people who do not understand, but the truth is, they keep me motivated to reduce my absences or do overtime jobs. Love yourself but don’t spoil it, let’s just stick to the word love so we’re on the safe zone. Just like mole rats, they love eating worms so they keep on digging.

3rd Dream! Yes, we always hear people says dreaming is free, but setting this dream to a reality may cost us something like energy, effort and sometimes money. Yet dreaming started it all. I believe in the saying… if you have no dream, you have no future. Dream big so you could at least achieve something, even if it’s small. Just like having a big target… Even if you don’t hit the middle of thebulls eye you are still inside the range of your goal.

Imagination has no boundaries the only limit is our capability to put them in reality. Believe in your self, work hard and keep on pursuing that dream. Make that dream an inspiration instead of obsession.

4th Keep your focus. Focus on your job and don’t mind anything or anyone that harms you on your journey to success.

This are just crumbs that I’m sharing with you but even crumbs has calories on it and if you take them correctly it will become a fuel that will help boost up or motivates you to keep going and going and going. Live a stress free life.


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10.10.10 (十十十- Chinese symbol), It is  said to be the luckiest calendar day of the year! October 10, 2010. I know I keep discussing about numbers lately, but I just recently realized how important numbers are, and how it affect our daily lives. After-all even before we were born, numbers had been there all along. Even the Bible has a particular favorite number and 7 is the most obvious one. In the book of Revelation alone, number 7 was mentioned 55 times. I’m not inducing that 7 is a lucky number though I may totally agree that it’s been God’s favorite as indicated in the Bible during those times.
But does number combination and positioning really matters? According to Chinese numerologist, they do, because of the number position or round shapes involved (just sharing, quoting their belief doesn’t mean I have the same opinion).

Instinctively our mind tells us that when we speak on number 10, it sounds like it was presume to be complete, in score, in money value and even on music countdowns. If the Judges gave you 10, 10, 10 score… that means you’ve got it perfect.

Another thing you can also notice is that, if you’re checking on billboards and magazine ads… 10:10 is the hour displayed on most clocks and watches’ beauty shots. First, because it looks more presentable positioning the hands that way.
Second, it has been a long tradition for photographers to set the clock on that particular time.
Third, is… for luck (according to them).

Nevertheless 10.10.10 is one of the worlds well used and known number combination even before this day come..

And today, Oct. 10, 2010 I’m sure people all over the world is going to have a little talk about it over the Net and even on other medium such as Radio and TV.  Many weddings will be set to this particular date because most people consider this as a perfect day, 10.10.10.

Sharing my own points of view… everyday is perfect as long as my loved ones’ around me straightforward as that.

The year is ending and we’re about to face 2011, you don’t want to be late then… so tune in your clock, Today, 10/10/10 is the perfect time to sync them to World Time Server

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September 13

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September 13, what a great day to launch this website! Granting without admitting that 13 is said to be a number that is unlucky. Well lucky for me, I don’t believe in superstitions or numerology or something. Besides, some of lotto’s winning number in our country has 13 on the set.
I can’t blame some people who have “triskaidekaphobia” It is the fear of number 13. But if you look at the Chinese’s points of view you’ll be surprised:

“The digit 1 when positioned in tens sounds like the word ‘definite’ (shi) in Mandarin and dialects such as Cantonese; while the digit 3 sounds like life, living or birth the number 13, which is pronounced as shisan in Mandarin, can mean ‘definitely vibrant’ or ‘assured growth’.”
-Tekson Teo

Why would I be afraid of number 13? Benjamin Franklin’s 13th virtue is HUMILITY. There are thirteen gates of the Human body of the woman: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, the mouth, 2 breasts, the 1 navel, 1 anus, 1 urethra and the vagina. (No offense to the conservatives, it’s a fact). McDonald’s subliminal message on their logo also is 13 although this is not an official claim (See Twitpic). Gore conceded to default on December 13th, 2000 (lucky for him).

Biblically speaking I don’t find any verses in the Bible pertaining to number 13 neither that it is a badluck or if there’s such a thing as unlucky numbers, although there are some favorite numbers mentioned in the Bible particularly number 7 which is said to be mentioned over 700 times.

Nevertheless, my point is this; for me 13 is just a number which unfortunately branded by many as unfortunate. Your luck is up to you, it depends on how you handle your life. Your future relies on what you are currently doing today.

Besides… I was married September 13… 13 Years ago.

— Romeo E. Barcena

Hello World!

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All contents from this site are just my random and assorted opinion feel free to give any good or violent reactions. Let us learn from each other!… 

After all that’s what Social Networking is all about.